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Preface   The Fastest in the West -- and the Greenest

Introduction   Lean and Clean Management

The American origins of Lean And Clean

systems: The Cycles of Life

Labor and Lean And Clean

A Focus on Prevention: The Case of Compaq Computer

Energy Efficiency

Lean And Clean Design for Office Productivity

Becoming Lean And Clean: A Systems Approach

Lean And Clean Design for Factory Productivity

The Future Is Lean And Clean

Conclusion   Management, the Environment and Jobs

Appendix   You Just Don't Understand: U.S. Misperceptions of Japanese Success




Lean and Clean ManagementLEAN and CLEAN MANAGEMENT:

How To Boost Profits and Productivity by Reducing Pollution

Lean and Clean Management ISBN 1-56836-037-1

Joseph J. Romm, Kodansha 1994, $27.00, plus shipping & handling

The old notion that what is good for the environment is bad for business is rapidly being replaced by a new awareness that only companies that work with, not against, the environment can thrive. In this visionary book, energy expert Joseph J. Romm gives us an inside look at companies that have improved performance and quality while reducing their impact on the environment to show how fiscal and environmental responsibility go hand in hand-and how this lean and clean thinking not only saves money and jobs, but dramatically boosts profits. Lean and clean management is the next step for any business pursuing total quality, and this book goes beyond the catchphrases to deliver real results.

"Lean and clean" is a practical, comprehensive system that is already helping some of America's most successful companies reap phenomenal gains through intelligent energy use, "green" office and plant design, pollution reduction, and waste - free, lean management. With a wealth of new case studies from a wide range of companies in industries like banking, steel manufacturing, health care, food packaging, electronics, chemical manufacturing, hotels, and public utilities, Romm reveals dramatic evidence of the coming revolution in the way America does business.

Pragmatic and persuasive, Lean and Clean Management is required reading for managers, architects, designers, policy makers and anyone concerned about the future of business and the health of our planet.

Before his current appointment as Special Assistant for Policy and Planning to the Deputy secretary of Energy, Joseph J. Romm was a research scholar at Rock mountain Institute and taught at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics from MIT, and is author of The Once and Future Superpower: How to Restore America's Economic, Energy, and Environmental Security.

"This vitally important book can save a company thousands of times its cover price in weeks or months. A must read!" -- Amory Lovins, author of Soft Energy Paths

"Don't just say it, do it. That's my philosophy, and this book gives a clear direction for solving two questions on the minds of all CEOs: more profit and less impact on the environment." - Takashi "Tachi" Kiuchi, Chairman and CEO, Mitsubishi America

"The environment is really a bottom-line issue. There's always a business opportunity, and Jo Romm's Lean and Clean Management is testimony to it -- example after example." -- David Buzzelli, Corporate Director of Environment, Health, and Safety, Dow Chemical; cochair, President's Council on Sustainable Development

"If we are to have any hope of achieving a sustainable economy, we must integrate environment and technology throughout modern industrial systems. Lean and Clean Management is a seminal contribution to this effort." -- Braden Allenby, Research Vice President, Technology and Environment, AT&T

"Joe Romm's innovative, groundbreaking work demonstrates how energy-efficient design can increase productivity and become a vital part of the strategy of progressive corporations." -- Carl Costello, Director, center for the Environment, American Institute of Architects

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